10-step checklist to conduct a focus group

1. Ice breaking part. “Have you got some problems to find this place

2. Gratefulness. “Thanks you for having agreed to the meeting

3. Research purpose: “This interview is part of a greater research project on…

4. Inform about confidentiality: “Nothing said by the participant will be attributed to them

5. Request to record the interview. “If you´ll excuse me I would like to record the interview to avoid taking notes all the time

6. Explanation of the procedure is given. What moderator expects from participants. Maybe arguing certain topics or solve a problem together. “We would like you openly discuss with each other the experiences you have had with your studies, and what was that made you decide not to continue them any further

7. Short introduction of the members and warming up. Moderator should emphasize the common ground of the members; if possible, in order to reinforce community “I want to know your opinion as students of Gdansk University of Technology”.

8. Starting point. Start with a “discussion stimulus”, a provocative thesis, a short film, a lecture on a text: “the current economic situation in Europe has become more difficult like indicates unemployment rate…

9. Put the rest of the topics

10. Thanks again. “Thanks you for having agreed to the meeting


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