Communities in Transition

Interesting topic to undertake a new research or write a paper. It’s a session held during the previous International Sociological Association congress in Japan, and within the Research Committee on Community Research, RC03. What I like most is idea of studying the different strategies adopted by cities to face global changes. Concretely, those resisting the changes. My thesis dissertation acknowledge this resistance in mining communities, indeed.

Communities in Transition. Part I

Session Organizer
Johan ZAAIMAN, North-West University, South Africa,

Session in English

Communities are continuously challenged by a changing world. Within an increasing interdependent and globalized world they are pressed into a process of continuous change. Communities differ in their response strategies. Some restructure themselves, others transform themselves, others resist the changes, and still others find themselves marginalized and unable to cope positively with the changes.

This session explores the challenges this transition poses to communities, as well as their impact on communities and the strategies communities utilize to handle them.

Papers are welcomed which explore these issues through comparative and/or case studies thereby elucidating the unique and the common factors found in communities in transition.


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