Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structral Development (IRS) (Germany)

Another urban and regional studies related research centre. I like the concept that entitles their own description: “Social Science-based Spatial Research”. Basically because It’s notable the absence of social sciences in many urban studies departments.

Social Science-based Spatial Research

In accordance with its statutes the IRS explores the transformation and governance of cities and regions from a social science perspective. To this end, research is organised in interdisciplinary teams with long-term research concerns.

The following cross-cutting issues guide research:

  • path development, institutional change and spatial governance

  • communication dynamics and spatial structures of interaction

  • a spatial perspective on innovation processes

  • history as a resource of urban and regional development.

I also found, browsing the website, a very interesting concept “Peripheralization” that refers to “the emergence of social and spatial disparities apt to cut off certain regions or partial spaces from positive development stimuli”.

And related to this, I came across this tweet from IRS on “”Peripheral Small Town”. Pretty much related to my PhD dissertation.

It seems to me that I need to polish my German. Many interesting place to do research there!


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