Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Managementm University of Copenhagen, having obtained a PhD in Sociology at A Coruña University and postgraduate in Land use and development (University of Santiago de Compostela). I am situated at the intersection of spatial, development and environmental studies and my research and teaching focuses on the interaction between spatial changes (including landscapes and urban) and society, including the following interrelated areas:

– Social problems that unfold in the spatial arena. Natural resources based boom/bust cycles, energy developments and problems of spatial justice and territorial inequalities in the Global South, Global North and in between both of them (see energy global production networks). Previously, I have also studied housing neoliberalization and segregation in Spanish cities.

– Risk perception and governance. I am particularly interested in understanding the perception of high-tech infrastructures (power plants, railway, large-scale bioremediation processes and wind farms), how risk is communicated in the public arena and the degree of public participation.

– Perception of places and collective memory. Leaning on qualitative research and ethnography, I study collective memory of history, places and places history and how such memory impact ideals, values, behaviours and vice versa. I examine how different social groups form their own representation of the past, present and future, the ideological bias that characterize certain opinions and identity conflicts. My research focuses on region highly impacted by large scale development projects such as mines, power plants and, more recently, railways.