Sociologist, working as Survey Associate at Coleman Research Group in its European location in Gdansk, Poland. Visiting lecturer at Faculty of Social Work, Cultural and Media Education, Hochschule Merseburg, Germany. I blog on research methods, socio-environmental challenges, mainly in rural and industrial areas. In my PhD I analysed the public opinion about the exploitation of a large scale mine in Spain and the adjacent power plant. I applied a mixed method approach to inquiry institutions and people opinion about the problems arise: interviews, focus group and questionnaire. I also analyzed the changes of socio-economic and public health indicators. In summer 2015 I visited Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany, where I had the opportunity to closely know the opinion of the institutions and people living in shrinking industrial regions and, thus, compare it with the results of my thesis. The results has partially been presented in several environmental and sociology oriented international conferences and I expect to publish several paper in reputed scientific journals. All this allow me to engage in academic debates, mainly related to sustainability, energy transition and regional planning, all of especial relevance in a context of globalized world and climate change.