European Coal Map (video)

Origin of environmental sociology

Since its beginnings, environmental sociology has thus placed emphasis on studying the dependency of social life and cultural development from its natural surrounding, and on those factors that cause environmental problems and efforts to solve those problems. (Gross & Heinrichs, 2010:2)

Gross, M., & Heinrichs, H. (Eds.). (2010). Environmental sociology: European perspectives and interdisciplinary challenges. Springer Science & Business Media.

Ecological modernization

Ecological modernization is an optimistic school of thought in the social sciences that argues that the economy benefits from moves towards environmentalism. It has gained increasing attention among scholars and policymakers in the last several decades internationally. It is an analytical approach as well as a policy strategy and environmental discourse (Hajer, 1995).

Hajer, M. A. (1995). The politics of environmental discourse: ecological modernization and the policy process (p. 40). Oxford: Clarendon Press.