First class´s summary

Apart from revising the Research Methods goals for this semester (see previous post), as well as mentioning a number of general information and rules to bear in mind (See document “first lecture” in Moodle) and the book to be followed up; in the first lesson we got the opportunity to know each other by mean a personal introduction of ourselves (to see further details on professor, see here his public profile as well as his personal blog)

First of all, judging by the multicultural character of the class it is my belief that this semester will be very enriching for all of us. It is a pleasure to count with people from such countries as China, Italy and Spain.

After introductions, we already know that students are interested on such management fields as Human resources, accounting or marketing, among others; as well as the fact that most of you are still searching for your research project topic. Challenge to be achieved within the next months. (Have a look here to know more about fields of branches of Management, especially the apart referred to 20th century and 21th century.

Fishing, sleeping, sports, cinema and travelling, among others, are an example of your hobbies which far for being banal information indicate some of your merits and virtue. For instance, and such as some of you has suggested, fishing makes you more patient; actually very import virtue in the process of “fishing” information for your research. Sometimes to find relevant information is rather tough.

Bear in mind that the management field you are interested on as well as your personal interest or hobbies are actually notible aspects when choosing your research project topic (further information in my personal blog here)

On the other hand, although many of you make use of social networks for fun, you must take into account how important they have become throughout the last years, not only for career but also for research.

Finally, I am firmly convinced that after this semester you will develop a high quality research project, but take into account that just those of you who really show great commitment and hardworking will be able to reach the challenge of publishing a paper in a recognized scientific journal (as this one) This is your challenge.



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