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Public Data Google, another useful secondary data source for cross-national comparisons

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I have recently posted several interesting sources of secondary data for cross-national research. Each one with one or another strength. For instance, I found Trading Economics very useful to compare nations all over the world and by mean innumerable economic indicators. Another source, the Eurostat´s Regional Statistics Illustrate, although the data are limited to Europe, it stands for the possibility to represent data into more diverse formats, such as maps, distribution plot or scatter plot, among others. It also counts with information disaggregated by European regions.

In this post I want to present another source that, having some of the above utilities,  I find more appropriate to compare specific countries. It is Google Public Data. The available indicators are also broad and from different sources, such as World Bank, World Economic Forum or Eurostat. But the advantage I see here is that Google facilitates the labor to compare not all countries together but just the ones interesting for one´s research. For instance, when one just wants to compare the evolution of abortions in such countries as Spain, Portugal and Poland, like in the above chart. It also owns a variety of forms to represent data at the top-right corner. The information can´t be represented by regions, though.


European regional Statistics Illustrated

Today I stumbled across this sophisticate Eurostat tool that allow map social and economic data by European regions. It is similar to the one I commented in an earlier post, also from Eurostat. But what I like most here is the possibility to visualize data in a variety of charts such as distribution plot, scatter plot, bar chart or data table. Well, I also love the animated maps that show the data evolution. They are superb, aren´t they? Visit here the site

Outstanding website with 300.000 economic indicators for 196 countries

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I found something very interesting when looking for secondary dat on Poland GDP growth rate. It is an outstanding tool to compare economic indicators by countries. They offer, among other things, the exportation of data into excel as well as represent it in maps.

Further details here

Statistical Atlas – Eurostat regional yearbook 2013

Commodious, utilitarian and valid tool for secondary data based and European cross-national research. Relevant information on economy and finance; population and social conditions; industry, trade and services; agriculture and fisheries; transport; science and technology; among others.

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Source: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistical-atlas/gis/viewer/

Qualitative research methods in cross-national settings

Find below the abstract of this interesting article on the central concerns of conducting cross-national qualitative research.

This paper analyses the central concerns of selection and execution of cross-national qualitative research. Discussion is issue-driven, incorporating relevant publications on the basis of good practice. An assessment is made of the potential of the qualitative approach in cross-national settings, as well as its pitfalls. Questions of sampling and the attributes of specific methods are then addressed. The paper concludes with a brief review of the added value of qualitative data software packages.

Further details and access to full text here