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Beauty is a social construction

Nudes showing that beauty is a social construction. It depends on things that we learn such as attitude, body language or gestures. In other words, we are not born beautiful, we are just taught to be it, sometimes. I apologize to the narcisist, but this is it.

See more nudes in original source here

We live in a social system that allows men appropriate common spaces

We live in a social system that allows men appropriate common spaces and consider women bodies a public property just for the simple fact of being in the street.

Collective ethnographic experiment in inner city Amsterdam

Research Network on Qualitative Research (RN20) to organize a ethnographic experiment (based on Mass-Observation project) during the next ESA midterm conference and by the own conference participants. It seems to me a great idea! The observation will focus on diversity performances in inner city Amsterdam. Really, I see this methodology as applicable to other conferences. Here I paste what it’s said in the conference site:

At this conference, we want to invite you to participate in an ethnographic experiment. We will do focused observations and analyze the observations online and offline with conference participants. The theme of the observations will be diversity performances in inner city Amsterdam. Our experiment builds on Mass Observation, as it was established in the UK in the nineteen thirties, on focused ethnography and on methods for online analysis of qualitative material. We are particularly curious if collaborative online interpretation is possible. We are very excited about this experiment and hope you will join.

More specifically, the conference program contains the following Mass Observation Experiment parts:

Before coming to Amsterdam

  •  We will sent you information on how to install software or get access to online tool for gathering and analyzing observation.

First day

  • Lecture by Susie Scott on Mass Observation.
  • Lecture by Jan Willem Duyvendak on diversity in Amsterdam.
  • Introduction to the experiment itself by Christian Bröer
  • Observing diversity performances

Second day

  • Enter observations into a collective project
  • Analyze observations online

Third day

  • Analyze observations online and offline
  • Discuss outcomes collectively

During the whole experiment, technical and non-technical support will be available. If you have questions or suggestions please contact Christian Bröer at c.broer@uva.nl.